We connect NYC high school students with real-world, mentored internships in STEM.

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Scientists and educators from across NYC working alongside students to pursue new discoveries

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Students tackling new skills and forming new professional relationships in welcoming communities focused on youth development

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Supporting the next generation of professionals in a way that addresses the need for equity and inclusion in the sciences


Where every high schooler can pursue a future in STEM

The Consortium is increasing access to science fields and careers for young people of all backgrounds by providing authentic science research opportunities and meaningful mentorship. Our scholars, mentors, educators, and partners are a community that supports and empowers the next generation of professionals in the sciences.

About Our Consortium

Alumni Stories

"I am so grateful for my experience in (AMNH) SRMP. I honestly don't know where I would be today without it."

- Michael O.


Scholar Stories

"The Hk Maker Lab program got me really interested in the intersection between entrepreneurship, biotechnology and medicine. That combined really well with my desire to do research and innovate. I was able to leverage all my interests within the Hk Maker Lab to pursue a biomedical engineering project… The program was absolutely incredible. With Hk Maker Lab, I learned about collaboration and the importance of fostering a sense of community. "

- Arif M.


Scholar Stories

"Participating in HIRES really solidified my drive for STEM. While I still pursue my hobbies with sports, music and other things, I decided I really wanted to study engineering. HIRES was a hands on experience in the world of engineers and academics, so it really strengthened my want to be an engineer through working on my own project and seeing the projects of my friends and other professors."

- Leila M.


Our Programs

The Consortium consists of over 23 partner programs that support 500+ scholars across New York City.

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