Woodland Ecology Research Mentorship (WERM)

Wave Hill, Bronx


July - August, 14 month


The Woodland Ecology Research Mentorship (WERM) program at Wave Hill offers New York City high school students an opportunity to participate in citywide ecological monitoring efforts in local woodlands and to conduct authentic research under the mentorship of field scientists.

The 14-month program begins with immersion in academic science learning. During the first summer, students spend two days a week taking two courses – Mapping NYC’s Urban Environment: An Intro to GIS and Restoration of NYC Natural Areas – at the College of Mount Saint Vincent, and two days a week collecting ecological data. Throughout the year, students continue to collect data alongside a science team consisting of working scientists, restoration specialists, and Wave Hill staff. Students will also participate in a series of Workshops aimed at giving the necessary skills and knowledge to perform ecological research. Students are paired with a science mentor with whom they will work closely to identify an area of interest. Together, the student and mentor will develop and implement a research project that will culminate in an oral presentation and a poster or paper.

Nine college credits can be earned for successful completion of coursework
Career and college advice and alumni network
Total compensation for the 14-month program is $3,500.

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Eligibility Requirements

Must be at least 16 years old by the start of the program.

Must be a NYC resident and eligible to work in the United States.

Must have a strong interest in science research and the urban environment

Must have a strong academic record, especially in the sciences

Must have the ability and motivation to work independently

Must be committed to attending all sessions

Application Requirements

Applications are generally due in March and consist of an online application, two short essays, an individual interview, and a group interview.


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