Lehman College Now STEM Research Academy

CUNY Lehman College, Bronx

Biology, Chemistry, Psychology

January - August


The College Now STEM Research Academy at Lehman College is a two-part program designed to provide students with an opportunity to develop the essential skills to be strong scientific thinkers by engaging in authentic enquiry based research activities. The first component of the program is a high school credit scientific investigative course (DNA Detectives) offered during the spring semester, and the second component is a six week college credit course (BIO189, 1 credit) that meets during the summer, in which students work in research labs under the supervision and mentorship of Lehman College faculty and their graduate students. Students are selected to participate in the summer mentorship based upon successful completion of the spring semester DNA Detectives course, and meeting additional eligibility criteria.

Mentoring from Lehman College faculty and graduate students
Training and experience in conducting and presenting research through the mentorship
A $750 stipend for participation in both spring and summer components
Lunch vouchers and a MetroCard to cover travel expenses for the duration of the summer program


Eligibility Requirements

Be a NYC public high school sophomore or junior in good academic standing

Have an overall HS average of 80+

Have received a 70+ on any Common Core Math Regents

Have a strong interest in science

Summer mentorship also requires ELA Regents score of 70+

Application Instructions

Applications are due in January for spring semester DNA Detectives class, and late May for summer mentorship

Applications must be submitted online


For information not found on the websites, please feel free to reach out to the following contact:

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