Science Research Mentoring Program (SRMP)

American Museum of Natural History, Manhattan

Physical Sciences: Astrophysics, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Life Sciences: Anthropology, Biodiversity and Systematics, Conservation Biology, Evolution, Genetics and Genomics

August - June, 14 months


The Science Research Mentoring Program (SRMP) at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) offers NYC high school students the opportunity to join ongoing research projects led by AMNH scientists. These research projects cover topics such as conservation biology, evolution, genetics, anthropology, astronomy, astrophysics, earth, and planetary sciences. Students interested in applying for an academic year-long science research experience must first complete 4 credits in AMNH Teen Programs. Credits can be fulfilled by taking classes and participating in internships at the museum. These courses and activities prepare students to gain the knowledge and skills necessary for doing scientific research.

Once accepted to the program, students participate in a 3-week summer institute focused on statistics, lab skills and field experiences. In the fall, SRMP students begin work with their mentors on their research projects, which continue through the academic year. Students also attend monthly advisory sessions that include guest speakers, skills development, college readiness activities, and assistance in developing their research papers and presentations.

Conduct a year-long authentic research project with an AMNH-affiliated scientist
Gain mentorship and support from AMNH scientists and staff
Participate in college and career readiness activities, including one free Kaplan SAT or ACT prep course
Earn a monetary stipend upon completion of research and program requirements
Attend special events at the AMNH


Eligibility Requirements

Eligible applicants for this program must meet all these criteria:

Must be on track to complete 4 AMNH Credits in the AMNH Teen Programs by June of the year in which they apply

Must attend school and/or live in New York City

Must be enrolled in 10th or 11th grade or equivalent standing

Students who are accepted to conduct science research at AMNH must commit to:

A three-week summer institute (last three weeks of August)

At least four hours/week working with a scientist during the school year

Monthly advisory meetings usually held on a Friday afternoon

Application Requirements

The application package for SRMP consists of the following: an online form with your information, the contact information of two people who are willing to serve as character references, and a two-page essay

Application information will be accessible on the SRMP website and will be shared with the AMNH teen email list


For information not found on the websites, please feel free to reach out to the following contact:

(212) 313 - 7169

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