Project TRUE (Teens Researching Urban Ecology)

Bronx Zoo, Bronx

Urban Ecology, Ecology, Plant Biology, Wildlife Biology

June - August


Project TRUE (Teens Researching Urban Ecology) is a paid urban ecology summer research mentoring program for NYC students entering their final year of high school. In Project TRUE, small groups of high school students are paired with a Fordham University undergraduate student, who serves as a near-peer research mentor. Together, these teams conduct urban ecology research exploring the wildlife and wild places of NYC. Scientists, faculty, curators, and educators from Fordham University and WCS provide additional research support for undergraduates and high school students. During the seven-week summer program, high school students learn field research methods, develop research questions, design a study, collect data, analyze data, interpret data, and generate scientific posters that are presented at local science conferences.

Seven weeks during summer, June –August. The program generally starts the day after the last day of school and ends the second week of August. Students attend Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 9:30 am–4:30 pm. Three weekend days for special events (dates depend on year)

Mentoring from Fordham University undergraduate students and WCS educators
A stipend and a MetroCard to cover travel expenses
In-depth training and direct experience in planning, conducting and presenting research
A college bootcamp to to help in applying for college and financial assistance
Memories, friends, and mentors that will last a lifetime

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Eligibility Requirements

Must be a high school junior in good standing

Must be comfortable in both indoor and outdoor settings

Must be interested in science and the environment

Must be curious about how things work

Must live in the Bronx

Students from underrepresented groups in science careers are our target audience

We encourage anyone interested in Project TRUE to apply

Application Requirements

Applications are due in mid-February and invitations for a group interview will be sent in March


For information not found on the websites, please feel free to reach out to the following contact:

(718) 220 - 5896

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