Jahneal Francis

Jahneal Francis

MA Public Health
BS Health Science,
Biology Minor
Northeastern University
NYCSRMC: RISE Environmentor

How I see myself: I would describe myself as someone who is very sure in their wants and very persistent. I’m always coming up with random, spontaneous ideas whether that be for new events for the clubs that I’m a part of or weekend trips to go on with my friends. I also love having discussions or debates on whatever, mostly tv show hot takes but also on philosophical questions. I’m very easy to talk to and I’m always down for a funny story. 

My Passions: I’m currently on a pre-med track and I did a co-op(internship) as a medical assistant last year. This experience was very enlightening because it was what made me realize that I wanted to pursue a career in medicine. Interacting with patients of different backgrounds 

What makes you excited about working with other NYCSRMC alumni on this research study? I started college off as an Undecided major. I was completely unsure about the career I wanted to pursue and the impact I wanted to make on the world. Healthcare was always an interest of mine,  but at the time of graduation, I was not certain if that interest came only from parental expectations and my love of Grey’s Anatomy. A career as a physician, even just the process it took to become a physician seemed exceptionally daunting. I was uncertain if I would be capable of succeeding and excelling at the requirements needed to simply apply to medical school. The long hours and terrible work-life balance also did not sit well with an 18 year old JayJay who practically worked her way through high school. 

After starting my first semester, the unease and imposter syndrome surrounding my future career path did not get any better.  The peers with whom I surrounded myself appeared to be lightyears ahead in terms of their preparation for the future. The courses I was taking did not make the decision any easier. It wasn’t until my Biological Inquiries class in the next semester that I started to not only understand the information in research papers and textbooks but also enjoyed it.

This Fellowship will allow me to connect with other students who’ve had similar experiences to me. As a first-generation American, navigating college and life after college is extremely difficult and intimidating. Working with and interviewing these students will foster a sense of community. This position will also allow my research and communication skills to grow and prosper, both of which will be needed for a career in medicine. 

How would you describe growing up in NYC? Growing up in Queens, I would say that I didn’t necessarily enjoy it. As a child of immigrants, my parents were very wary about my well-being and safety and I wasn’t allowed to appreciate the culture of the community I grew up in. At least that’s what I thought. After getting to college and interacting with people who grew outside of the city, I started to realize just how much the culture of NYC influenced me. I started seeing the difference in language, thoughts and opinions and even goals. 

Important Learning Experiences I’ve Had: I love tv. Always have and always will. One of the main reasons for my love of science were the tv shows I watched as a kid. From the Magic School Bus to Zoboomafoo, these after school programs were some of the earliest experiences I’ve had with science and they still have an influence on me today. 

Why I’m interested in talking with other NYCSRMC alumni about this research study: I am definitely interested in talking to other alumni about their experiences!

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