Coral Braverman

Coral Braverman

BS Biochemistry
Economics Minor
SUNY Binghamton
NYCSRMC: STEM Research Academy, Brooklyn College

How I see myself: I am a senior studying biochemistry and economics. I have always had an interest in the sciences, and I am so excited to continue pursuing my degree, as there is so much to learn. I love communicating and forming new connections with others, as well as learning new things, which is why I am hoping to go to dental school after I finish my undergraduate degree. In my free time, I love running, especially during the school semester, as I find it to be the most stress-relieving activity, and I love reading books, so I am always interested in getting book recommendations!

My Passions: I have a great interest in both the life sciences and physical sciences, which is why studying biochemistry, the chemical processes within and related to living organisms, is so exciting. I always love learning about new things, especially with a hands-on approach, which is why I love pursuing science research–there is always so much to discover and interpret. I am currently working in a microbiology lab where I am researching the interplay between atherosclerosis and bacterial biofilms, a research topic that is currently not well understood, but more recently is gaining traction as new evidence is emerging. 

What makes you excited about working with other NYCSRMC alumni on this research study? I can personally attest that being a part of NYCSRMC has influenced my career decisions. It has been one of the best and most influential experiences I have had thus far, and working with other NYCSRMC alumni would be a personally rewarding experience. Personally, I know that many of the alumni from my program (Brooklyn College STEM Academy) are pursuing majors that were directly related to their research in the program, illustrating the tremendous impact mentored science research had on their career trajectory. I would love to continue working with alumni to see what they are up to, as I am sure their stories are inspiring and impactful. 

How would you describe growing up in NYC? I grew up in Brooklyn and was raised by Israeli immigrants. My experiences as the child of immigrants and having the opportunity to attend a diverse New York City public high school came into conflict once I came to college, as I was one of the few first-generation and low-income college students in my school. Noticing the disparity in my upbringing compared to the rest of the student body ensued a lack of a sense of belonging when I first began my freshman year, and it inspired me to dedicate a semester in researching imposter syndrome among first-generation college students in my academic writing class. Coming from this background, I am so excited to be a part of the team and be a part of this research study, where I can continue to pursue research pertaining to education!

Important Learning Experiences I’ve Had: One of the most important learning experiences I’ve had came from working in a lab in high school. As part of the NYCSRMC, I was lucky to have received the opportunity to work in a microbiology lab in Brooklyn College, which ignited my passion in science research. In the lab, I used micron-sized elastic pillars to determine the forces and speeds exerted by microorganisms, which was crucial to understanding how certain proteins influence a bacteria’s ability in forming complex communities, called biofilms, which increase their survival in hosts. Throughout my experience of working in the lab, I was grateful to have my mentor, who undoubtedly inspired me to pursue STEM and always encouraged me to learn more. Through my mentor, I was able to truly understand the process of science and how to think like a scientist: he was always working alongside his students and enthusiastically answered every question we had. We had weekly lab meetings in which we would discuss new studies, and I remember how he would question the validity or relevance of certain publications, which I later would discover in my own college biology class, is crucial for a scientist to think this way. 

This experience completely shifted the trajectory of my career–I switched from majoring in physics to biochemistry. I was inspired to continue pursuing microbiology research, which I currently pursue at Binghamton. 

Why I’m interested in talking with other NYCSRMC alumni about this research study: I am curious about the extent to which high school mentored research may have impacted their career goals, and if this experience has opened any new opportunities for them, in terms of creating new professional connections and the opportunities that may come with it. I personally can acknowledge that having mentored research in high school has been such an impactful experience, so I am excited to hear the extent to which these experiences have impacted their lives.

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