• Pinkerton Science Scholars

    We are excited to share that with the Pinkerton Foundation's generous support all of our student participants - current and alumni - are officially Pinkerton Science Scholars. We are consistently inspired by our community of scholars! 


    For more information on the Pinkerton Foundation's support, please see this press release: http://www.thepinkertonfoundation.org/news/pinkerton-expands-science-mentoring-for-high-school-scholars

    NYC Science Research Mentoring Consortium
  • Welcome to the new Consortium site!

    Check out the website's new look. You'll find we have changed not only our look but also our content with updated information about our programs, press, social media and most importantly how to get involved. Enjoy exploring our new and improved website!

    NYC Science Research Mentoring Consortium
  • Congrats Class of 2016!

    Congrats to all our scholars who are graduating high school this year! As Director of Youth Learning and Research at AMNH, Dr. Preeti Gupta, stated at this year's Student Research Colloquium: "You are all not ordinary students. You have each made significant contributions to the field of science." We know that you each will continue to lead the future of STEM! 

    NYC Science Research Mentoring Consortium

Our scholars' stories and research

 Check out the Pinkerton Scholars' stories, journeys in the Consortium and their research! Our scholars are trained and conduct research in various disciplines from environmental science to genetics to astrophysics and beyond.

Hear their stories categorized by their research discipline below. 

Biomedical Engineering

Arif's Story: Science Helps Humanity

Hk Maker Lab, HYPOTHEkids and Harlem Biospace 


Michael’s Story: Discovering and Persevering with Passion

Hk Maker Lab, HYPOTHEkids and Harlem Biospace  



Environmental Science and Ecology

Ameena’s Story: Science is Life

Secondary School Field Research Program, The Earth Institute at Columbia University and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory


Itunu's Story: Science is Magic

Environmentor Program, Rockaway Waterfront Alliance


Leila’s Story: Science Answers My Questions About the World Around Me

HIRES, CUNY Remote Sensing Earth System (CREST) Institute at City College


Tatyana’s Story: Combining passions for social change through STEM

WERM Program, Wave Hill 


Jose’s Story: Leading the Future as the First of Many

Urban Barcode Research Program, DNA Learning Center of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory



Abdul’s Story: Using Science to Understand Ourselves

Brain Research Apprenticeships in New York at Columbia (BRAINYAC) Program, The Zuckerman Institute


Gabriela's Story: Not Your Average Scientist. Not Your Average High School Student.

Brain Research Apprenticeships in New York at Columbia (BRAINYAC) Program, The Zuckerman Institute