The High School Initiative in Remote Sensing of the Earth Systems Science & Engineering (HIRES)

Overview of HIRES

The High School Initiative in Remote Sensing of the Earth Systems Science & Engineering (HIRES) is a 7-week summer program of the CUNY Remote Sensing Earth System (CREST) Institute at City College of the City University of New York. It offers high school students entering grades 10-12 an opportunity to work closely with scientists in the field and in labs, collect, analyze, and interpret (mostly satellite) data, present at conferences, and more! CREST research focuses on all aspects of remote sensing and topics include global climate studies, atmosphere and weather, water resources and land processes, and ocean and coastal waters.  

The program includes:

  • Pre-college courses in MATLAB, Python, Remote Sensing, and GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
  • Hands-on modules at the Hudson River, the Cary Institute for Ecosystem Studies, and the National Weather Service Office at Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • A mentored research experience in one of our labs
  • Numerous site visits  
  • Students present their research at the end of their summer experience at the CUNY STEM Summer Research Symposium

HIRES also develops and implements a set of experiences to support students in developing a shared community and college and career readiness. Students that complete the entire program will receive a $800 stipend and 3 college credits.

HIRES Program Announcements

  • 2016 Applications Update

    Applications for the Summer 2016 program are now closed. Please check back for announcements when the 2017 application opens.


Additional Information

Program Website


For questions and more information on the program, email Dr. Shakila Merchant at

General questions related to HIRES can also be directed to or (212) 650-8099 or (212) 650-8379.