The NYC Science Research Mentoring Consortium

About the Consortium

The Consortium is breaking down barriers in STEM, and empowering the future generation of STEM leaders. 


The NYC Science Research Mentoring Consortium is a group of New York City academic, research, and cultural institutions committed to providing high-potential, underrepresented NYC high school students with mentored, authentic research experiences for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Our students, Pinkerton Science Scholars, are shaping the future of STEM.  


We are working to create access for the people who have been historically underrepresented in STEM fields. To fill the number of STEM jobs that will be available in a decade, we will need another million people with college degrees. The Consortium works to build equal access and pathways for success in the STEM fields for future generations.  


Together partners of the Consortium share experiences and expertise and identify opportunities and strategies to effectively support youth in developing science research skills and competencies.  In building access in STEM academics and careers, we also provide students with college and career readiness resources and supports.


The Consortium model cultivates a community of practice that creates a social network of scientists, graduate students, educators and like-minded peers with shared values and research endeavors. Together this community invests in and empowers our scholars to succeed in STEM academically and professionally. 


The Consortium launched in 2013 serving more than 150 scholars from 68 schools. Scholars were mentored by 80 faculties engaging in authentic post-doctoral and graduate research projects across 20 disciplines. Now in its third year, The Consortium consists of 12 partner programs that are supporting 400 scholars across 17 sites in New York City. 


Funding for the NYC Science Research Mentoring Consortium is generously provided by                                                                                         The Pinkerton Foundation.